There is no better feeling than hearing the crowd cheer and seeing the smile on all the faces after a fireworks show has ended. Black Dragon Fireworks specializes in a variety of fireworks for personal events to large-scale events.

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Posted by Black Dragon Fireworks Inc. on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Bring your Campfire to Life!

Campfire FX is a unique blend of copper salts designed to create a mesmerizing display of dancing purple, green, and blue flames in your wood-burning fire!

Simply place an entire, sealed package of Campfire FX on top of your fire and watch the magic begin! Within two minutes, your fire will be a mesmerizing display of brilliant purple, green, and blue flames for up to 30 minutes! Contact us for ordering!

Best of all, Campfire FX can be used year-round! Whether you are sitting around a fall campfire, enjoying Christmas around the fireplace, or venturing out on a summer RV trip, Campfire FX will add a magical dimension to your next fire!

I have worked for Jonathan for a number of years on shoots that valued between 6000 and $15,000. At every turn and every opportunity, Jonathan has provided me with every answer I ever needed and with a range of product that was second to none.

The failure rate or misfires amounted to maybe .1% and rarely have I encountered a product that was so dependable. His attitude is one of adaptability and professionalism that is overshadowed by the absolute safety of the show. He is a joy to work with and I respect his professionalism at all levels I could not recommend him highly enough.

Al McClellandFireworks Supervisor in BC
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