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Please see below for a list of common questions we field from our customers.  We also have some information listed for valuable fireworks tips as well to make your event spectacular!

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General FAQ

Do you sell fireworks?

Yes we do. It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend warrior or a licensed pyrotechnision or fireworks company. With the proper paperwork we will sell to you.

What is required to buy family fireworks?

We require a fireworks permit from your local fire department. It is a fairly painless process. Be sure to fill out and send in our PDF as well!

What is required to buy professional fireworks?

We require proof of licence and a permit.

How do I become a Pyrotechnision?

There is a 1 day Fireworks Safety and Awareness course that we do teach. After you complete the course you submit your info to the Explosive Regulatory Division (ERD) of Canada. This will get you an assistants licence so you can help out on shows. If you would like to take your licence further and become a Supervisor you will need to assist on at Least 3 shows and receive a letter of recommendation from your supervisor. And then it back to applying with ERD.

If you are interested in taking the course let us know and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Event FAQ

How much does a Fireworks show cost? And how long will the show be?

There is no easy answer! Quality and duration of show depends on a few factors:
1) What’s your budget. The amount you are willing to spend strongly determines the quality and duration. The more you spend the more impactful the show. (Rule of thumb is $500.00 per minute but that is just a base. There are many factors that can lengthen your show.

2) The size and location of the fireworks site.  If the site where the fireworks are going to be set off is small, close to buildings or the crowd. Smaller product must be used. Which means more product, more action and a bit longer but no big wow product can be used. If it’s a large site and larger product can be used you can get bigger product but the quantity and duration will be less.
So there are several factors involved but if you have a good idea on the 2 points when you contact us it will help us give you a better idea of what kind of show we can put on for your special occasion.

What is involved in leg work to get approval for a professional show?

As soon as we have a budget and plan for the show, including a site plan, we will need to make sure we have permission from the land owner to discharge fireworks off of their land. We get the paperwork together for the permit that has our shooters info. The organizers info and approval from the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) the rest is up to us.

Click here to download the paperwork and submit back to us to start your event planning!

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